What will you be eating?

When visiting the Wild Footprint Safari lodge, you will receive meals with your stay. There is definitely something for everyone.

For breakfast, you can expect and full and hearty meal. This includes bacon, game meat, eggs toast and fruits. All accompanied with tea and coffee.

Lunch is often served as a picnic in the bush or in camp and will suit every taste bud.

Dinner is a full three-course meal, that includes a starch, veggie, and protein.

Please be sure to let us know about any allergies or special dietary requirements.

Wild Footprint Safari’s offers soft drinks, local and international tea and coffee. Local alcoholic beverages are served. This includes some of the best wines in the world. South Africa is well known in the wine world.

If there are any other brands that you can simply not live without feel fee to let us know and we’ll make it happen.

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